Pryor High School


Dr. Fielding Elseman


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1100 SE 9th St. 
Pryor, OK 74361

A public educational system is one of the most potent safeguards of our American way of life. Our philosophy at PHS is to promote an understanding of this way of life and to emphasize the great value of each individual. Each student should understand the principles and responsibilities of our democratic system, as well as the inherent privileges therein.

It is of great importance that every student receives the best possible education. Therefore, it is necessary to realize the individual differences of students and develop an educational program that includes opportunities to meet the needs of all students regardless of their abilities or future aspirations.

Our program must provide the proper academic experiences for students who will precede to post-high school education and for students whose formal education will terminate upon graduation from high school or at an earlier time. It must also provide vocational courses that will enable students to develop marketable skills that may be used immediately or developed to a greater extent after graduation.

Every possible attempt is made to promote adequate physical development, intellectual competency, emotional stability, and spiritual enrichment for all students.

Our general objective is to create an environment in which students will learn to be successful members of the communities in which they live both now and in the future. More specifically, our goal is to take every student where they are when they come to PHS and to develop them to the fullest extent of their capabilities.