Chamber Event Sponsorship

At Pryor Chamber, we believe in the power of collaboration, the impact of community engagement, and the significance of supporting meaningful causes. Our commitment to enriching the lives of those around us goes beyond business—it's about creating a positive ripple effect that extends to our local and global communities.

We invite you to explore how our sponsorships and events initiatives play a pivotal role in not only advancing our company but also in nurturing the communities that we proudly serve. Discover the profound ways in which these partnerships are shaping a brighter future, fostering innovation, and making a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and neighborhoods.

Sponsorship Programs

Forum Luncheons

Forum luncheons bring chamber members, as well as non-members, together once a month for the purpose of networking, education, and advocacy. These luncheons feature a meal as well as a speaker whose purpose is to inform the audience on various topics.

(Range $200-$300, Date: The first Wednesday of each month)

Legislative Breakfast

Our legislative breakfast is held at the end of the legislative session to update our citizens on current issues and policies. It will feature our local legislators who will be present to speak on issues and answer questions.

($500, Date: TBD)

Mayes County Career Expo

The Mayes County Career Expo's mission is to provide awareness and information to the soon to be emerging workforce about Mayes County's business and industrial community. The event will also offer networking opportunities among participating businesses. Multiple Mayes County schools participate by bringing their students to this event to engage with business leaders.

(Range: $100-$2,000, Date: TBD February 2024)

Relocation Packets

Relocation packets are packets that are put together by the PACC for people who are interested in moving to the Pryor area. We get requests for these all year long either in person or by mail. This sponsorship will allow your business to be one of the first that people see when potentially moving to the area. This is an annual sponsorship and will feature a letter from your business in the packet as well as any literature you would like included regarding your business and/or services. There will only be one relocation sponsor for the entire year.

($500, Date: January 1, 2024)

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Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • This sponsorship gives you the opportunity to draw extra attention to your business or a special promotion you have going on! Your sponsorship can be customized to best fit your needs.

    E-Newsletter sponsorship formatting options include:

  • Your logo with a brief description (a special promotion happening during that month or company mission statement)

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